What's New in Kenwood Forest II Condominiums

Landscaping Activities

The Board of Directors has been actively working with our landscaper to improve the grounds. We are drafting a comprehensive master plan to reduce to the maximum extent possible our reliance upon chemicals to keep our turf in proper condition. We will follow only the best lawn maintenance practices. The treatment earlier this summer was the first step towards achieving a healthy and vibrant lawn in our KFII community.

A 2nd treatment for broadleaf weeds and crabgrass is required. The treatment will only be applied where needed (spot spraying). The time to apply the treatment is late August. This will allow time to seed and aerate in the fall. It is critical to seed in the fall so the turf can develop a strong, healthy root system. A healthy root system is the best defense against new weeds. Aeration allows roots and soil microorganisms to access a new supply of oxygen, while at the same time relieving compaction and promoting good humus formation and water absorption.

The landscaper that will do the work in late August is licensed and bonded and complies with manufacturer's directions, observing all recommendations and guidelines for application and posting of signs. All products that will be used have full government approval for use and will be applied at the lowest rate recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture. Information about the products to be used can be obtained from General Manager Oriel Jimenez.

All residents will receive another notice as the application date nears. If you have any questions, please contact the General Manager at 301-657-2683.